Inground Pool Tile & Coping Repair

Whether you’re wanting a fresh new look by replacing your tile, or you’re looking for inground pool tile repair services, Bowen Pools has you covered.  Our professionally trained has the necessary experience to install each new tile piece around the perimeter of your pool.  Pool tile repair is usually requested when the tile around your pool is discolored, cracked, or deteriorating.

How our Pool Tile Repair Service Works

Every pool tile repair project starts with draining your pool just below the line of your tile.  We clean your existing pool tile to rid them of dirt, calcium deposits, and mineral build up.  From there, we’ll repair each broken or cracked piece of tile around your pool as needed.

Pool Tile Replacement

Bowen Pools also offers pool tile replacement services for pool owners that want a fresh, new look for their pool.  Replacing your pool’s tile can transform the aesthetic look of your pool from boring to sleek.  We provide our customers with a variety of tile options like different colors, styles, shapes, and designs.  Update and enhance your pool’s design by calling us at Bowen Pools to update the tile around your pool today.


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