Pool Leak Detection Services

Pool leaks can be difficult to diagnose.  With all of the factors in play with pool water loss, it’s best to hire a professional to identify if your pool has a leak or not.  Wind, humidity, and other weather factors can influence the water levels of your pool.  These factors could cause you to lose a quarter inch of water a day or even more.  Bowen Pools has the tools and certifications needed to diagnose whether your pool has an actual water leak, or if it’s simply evaporation that’s causing your water levels to shrink.

How We Detect Pool Leaks

Our trained staff uses state of the art leak detection equipment designed to locate leaks for pools of any size.  If we do find a leak, we’ll notify you right away, show you the location of the leak, and take the necessary steps to repair the leak if possible.

For more information about our pool leak detection and pool crack repair services, call Bowen today to speak to a friendly representative.



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