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The most common question we get is “How do I know if my pool needs to be replastered?”  The answer is that it depends on the condition of your current plaster, and your own pool’s needs.  Bowen Pools offers professional pool plaster services in the DFW area.  With every project, a friendly Bowen Pools representative will assist you in determining if your pool needs to be re-plastered.  Below are a few questions that we’ll ask you during your consultation.

Is the surface of your pool rough to the touch?  Is it damaging or hurting your swimmer’s feet?

Over time, your pool’s plaster may deteriorate if your pool is not properly taken care of.  Misuse of chemicals or pool care neglect could result in your pool needing a re plaster. If your pool walls or floors feel rough to the touch, your pool may need to be service with re plastering.  Bowen Pools specializes in applying pool plaster that isn’t too slippery, and isn’t too rough, creating the perfect plaster that allows your swimmers to walk and swim comfortably in your pool.

Do you see areas of de lamination or water loss?

Losing water from your pool can be caused by a variety of issues.  Cracks could form through the plaster’s surface, leaks could show up from light fixtures, return inlets, water jets, etc.. It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact area of a water leak, but Bowen Pools has the experience and knowledge to get the job done.  We’ll inspect your pool and find the source of the leak.  If we find that your plaster is separating from the surface below it (de lamination), re plastering may be necessary.

Do you like the way your pool looks?

Your pool is a part of your home, and if it doesn’t match your home, it will show.  Bowen offers pool re plastering in a variety of styles that will surely fit your aesthetic needs.  If you have a specific question please feel free to contact us!  For more information about our pool plaster services give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page.  We would love to hear from you.



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