Looking for a Swimming Pool Builder Near You?  Choose Bowen Pools to Design Your Custom Inground Swimming Pool.

Looking for a custom built inground pool to match your patio & home?  Unlike other pool builders, we offer more than just the traditional shapes and sizes.  From modern swimming pool form factors to free-form pools, we’ve got you covered.  Are you ready to design the perfect pool for your backyard?

We offer a variety of custom pool designs such as:

  • Free-Form Pools

Free form pools are designed to mimic ponds or natural bodies of water.  They feature a curved organic shape that mimic a shore line.  The natural look is usually chosen enhance the outdoors look and feel of your back yard.

  • Rectangular Pools

Featuring a simple yet elegant look, rectangular pools are usually chosen for their visually striking and modern aesthetic.  Great for both exercise and fun, rectangular pools are a great choice for any home.

  • Geometric Pools

Geometric pools are widely considered a traditional pool design.  Geometric pools are usually designed with 90 degree angles and symmetrical curves, a popular choice for home owners looking to make the most out of their backyard’s space.

Rectangular and Geometric pools are an excellent choice for swimming enthusiasts who love to swim laps around their pool.  It also compliments modern houses nicely and gives off an impressive appearance.

  • Modern & Contemporary Pools

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